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Undy Boots

As kids grow so rapidly, it is really common for a collection of old football boots and kit to gather dust in a bag under the stairs, despite them being hardly used and perfectly serviceable.  Replacing these with bigger sizes isn't cheap and the value per wear isn't going to be that great until the kids stop growing.  This is where Undy Boots comes in!  If you have any old boots that have some life left in them, or other decent football kit lying around at home, please consider donating them to the club where they will be cleaned and readied for a new home.  If you need new boots or kit, please take a look at the Undy Boots Facebook page, where you can take a look to see if anything suitable is in stock.  For a small donation, you might be able to save yourself £££ on the high street prices, and help reduce the amount of boots that goes to landfill each year.  Donations are used to help maintain our pitches, buy kit and equipment and fund all our community activities.  For more information, please check out the Undy Boots Facebook page.

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