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Great news about your local community football club!!

After a lot of hard work by our amazing Accreditation Officer, Mark Shaw, and a lot of dedication from our coaches and volunteers, Undy AFC has once again been awarded Platinum Accreditation by the FAW!

In order for us to exist as a football club in Wales we have to be accredited. The five levels of accreditation are Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

We had been at Standard level for quite a few years and back in 2018 the club reached Bronze, quickly followed by Silver in 2019. To do this in such a sort space of time is an amazing achievement but we didn't rest on our laurels and immediately started planning for Gold and Platinum.

Achieving Silver level is not easy for a club of our size but to achieve Platinum, is absolutely amazing. There are various targets we need to meet including the number of coaches per team and number of coaches with B Licence and C Certificate qualifications to name but a few. It takes a lot of time and dedication behind the scenes from a lot of people to make it all work and to ensure that your children receive the best standards of grassroots football we can possibly offer.

An incredible amount of hard work and determination has gone into achieving this and it now means we join a very exclusive group of clubs across Wales. We are extremely grateful to our dedicated volunteers who have made this happen.

To find out more about club accreditation and to see exactly what we’ve had to do to achieve this are available here

As well as gaining Platinum level, the club has also been awarded with the Disabilty Insport standard, is an offical Huddle provider for girls football and is a McDonald's Fun Football Chartered Provider winning the Gwent McDonalds Fun Football Provider of the Year 2019/20.

Massive well done to all of our volunteer coaches and committee members who have made this possible and thanks to all of you for your continued support.

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