Undy Juniors Registration Form 2021/22

Please enrol all Soccer Tots to U16 players on this form.

Please also complete a Medical Declaration for all players here.

You can view the 2020/21 end of season letter from our Head of Junior Football here.


Please use this form to register all relevant children for the 2021/22 season. Completing yours and your child(ren)'s details will allow Undy AFC to send you an invoice for the required amount. Date for payment will be on the invoice.

Your information will be held by the club under it's GDPR guidelines which can be found on the Undy AFC website here. Your information will not be held any longer than 12 months unless you request for it to be removed sooner.


All registrations will now also be required to complete full FAW Comet registration.

A Comet registration form will be sent to you once we have processed your Undy registration.

By completing this form you are confirming that you agree to our code of conduct. Please also state whether or not you give permission for your child to be photographed for club promotion and marketing activity on the club's many social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

There are three registration packages available for players:

1. Full registration – Full playing kit, matches, access to tournaments, training, and social events.
2. Training registration – Training, access to fun tournaments, and social events.

3. U6 & Tots - Training Kit, Weekly training, and social events.

NOTE: Midweek summer and winter training sessions are available for U7-U16 subject to pitch and coach availability. Coaches may offer multiple midweek sessions at their own discretion and subject to pitch availability. During winter months the registration fee will only cover the cost of one session at an external venue. Extra winter sessions can be paid for by team fundraising and at the discretion of individual coaches. Each team will have their own bank account to hold funds which will be audited by Undy AFC.

U7-U16 – Full Registration - £100.00 First Child. £80.00 for each sibling.
U7-U16 – Training Registration - £50.00 All players. No sibling discount.

Soccer Tots & U6 - £45.00 Flat fee for the season. No further weekly subs. No sibling discount.

Above fees are for all junior sections

Age Group: Based on child age on 1st of September. Example - if your child is 8 years old on the 1st of September they would play in U9s. If your child is playing up a year and not in their own age group please let us now in the notes section.

For each player you register please indicate which registration package you require.

Reg Option - Full Registration (First Child), Full Registration (Sibling), Training Only, or U6 & Tots.

Photographic Consent

If you are registering a player who has not been registered on Comet before please upload a passport style photograph below. You can also upload a new passport photograph if you need to update your existing Comet photograph.

Upload File

Let us know in the notes area below if:

1. Player is playing up a year not in their own age group.

2. Player is transferring from another club. If so which club?

3. Player has never registered for any club before and will require new Comet registration.

4. Any other relevant information you think we should know about.

Thanks for choosing Undy AFC