FAW Safer Return to Training Protocol

Coaches/Players Operational Summary Senior Football


The information in this summary has been taken from the FAW “Safer Return to Training” and the FAW “Covid-19 Operational Policy, 1st Team Training Version 1”.



Both documents are available for download from the FAW website and Coaches are encouraged to study the documents in detail prior to the commencement of training.


There are a wide range of regulatory processes that the club must adhere to to allow training to happen. These are in the process of being finalised and this summary is part of that process.



The WFA has introduced a 4 phase return to competitive football.


Phase 1 – Return to Training

Phase 2 – Larger Group Training

Phase 3 – Conditioned Club matches and competition

Phase 4 – Unrestricted football provision


The moves between each phase will be dependant on government permission, following advice from public health and medical experts. This will not be a football decision.


In order to start training, all participants must be aware of the Club’s Covid-19 policy by reading this Operational Summary and by providing written confirmation that they agree to be bound by the terms of it.


Players can opt out of the club’s and associated Cymru South policies (at any time). In such circumstances they will not be permitted to train at the club.


We are about to commence Phase 1.


Phase 1


Small Group Training (groups of 6, 5 players, 1 coach)

Focus on improving fitness and skills

Strictly observed social distancing


Participants Responsibilities


The requirements set out by the WFA for training participants are very prescriptive and must be complied with. They are outlined below;


You cannot train for 14 days if…


  • You have been unwell and felt any symptoms of the flu

  • You have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or is feeling symptoms of it

  • You have had any respiratory symptoms, even mild

  • You experience a sudden onset of a cough/loss of sense of taste or smell



1. Personal Hygiene Measures


  • Players and staff are expected to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene at the training ground and in their personal lives

  • Players/coaches should wash their hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds, including before and after training. An alcohol gel may be used as a substitute

  • Catch coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the crook of your elbow

  • No chewing gum is permitted during training

  • No spitting on the pitch

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands


2. Social Distancing Measures

  • Please try to practice safe social distancing at all times

  • Comply with Welsh Government advice in all other situations


3. Training Sessions


  • Players and staff are advised to shower at home before and after training

  • All players and staff should travel individually to training. Cars should be parked to comply with the 2m rule

  • Prior to every training session all players and staff must complete a screening protocol for Covid-19 symptoms including a questionnaire and a digital temperature check. Players will not be allowed to train unless these checks are safely completed

  • Social distancing (2m) must be maintained whilst at the training site

  • Players and staff must arrive at training wearing the clothes in which they are to train and carrying their own, named water bottle

  • Players and staff will not be permitted to access the changing room to change or shower. Toilets and hand washing will be available in the clubhouse.

  • Contact in training sessions must be kept to a minimum, no handling of the ball (apart from GK wearing gloves), no hand contact, fist bumps etc

  • Players and staff must leave the training ground as soon as they have completed training.

  • Players are advised to wash their own kit, separately from other clothes at a temperature of 40 degrees C



Please bring with you to training


Your training kit

Your own, named water bottle

Alcohol hand gel if possible

Your own pen to complete paperwork



Thank you


(Aldershot) John Sharman

COVID-19 Compliance Officer – Senior Football

Please download this in pdf format here

Can you please bring this signed Consent Form with you to your first session - open here

And if you feel any symptoms, could you please complete the 'staff declaration' form here